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Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Madness

It's that time of year again. NCAA college basketball fever has struck the nation. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry, will formulate their brackets and try to predict the outcome of the NCAA tournament. For those of you who aren't followers of the tournament you may not be aware of the double meaning of March Madness. Madness not only refers to excitement of the whole tournament, but also to the sheer insanity of some of the decisions made by the NCAA selection committee. The errors made in the men's tournament are analyzed before, during, and after the tournament. However, many people may not realize that just as many, if not more, errors are made in the women's tournament. Just as with the men's side you have your share of teams left out, mis-seeded, or placed in odd brackets. An example of two of these mistakes was the ludicrous decision to give Tennessee a 2 seed, and place them in the same bracket as the overall #1 seed, North Carolina. Tennessee's coach, Pat Summitt, will tell you that this is a slap in the face. And she has a point. How can a team that won their conference tournament (over LSU who happened to get a 1 seed), played the toughest schedule in the nation, and was ranked second in the RPI, possibly get a 2 seed? Hell if I know! What I do know is that it is not wise to upset Pat Summitt, the Lady Vols, or their fans.


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