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Monday, October 17, 2005

Go Sox

Well it's finally happening, a baseball team from Chicago is going to the World Series. Last night the White Sox defeated the Angels clinching the American League Pennant, something they haven't done since 1959. While the Cubs may be the more popular and cursed team in Chicago the Sox are well past their due and no team is more deserving. The Sox dominated MLB for a good portion of the season. They were so dominant that just a month into the season sportscasters across the country had them picked to be exactly where they are right now. As fate would have it the Sox struggled late in the season giving us all a little scare and making us think that nothing good could ever happen to a Chicago baseball team. But they pushed through their slump and won their division and now they're looking like that dominant team we saw earlier in the season. I know I'm a bit partial being a Chicagoan, but I don't think there's a team out there that could beat them at this point. They swept last year's World Series champs the Boston Red Sox, and had little trouble defeating the Angels, a playoff series in which 4 Sox pitchers pitched complete games. I may be eating my words in a week but I do believe the Sox are going all the way. If they continue to play how they have throughout the playoffs neither St. Louis, or Houston stand a chance.


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