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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Da Bears

It's been 20 years since our beloved Chicago Bears won the Superbowl and had the whole country doing the Superbowl Shuffle. With the new NFL season underway Chicagoans and Bears fans everywhere can only hope for a return to the glory days, but don't hold your breath. Like last summer we all had high hopes after the team completed their training camp, but like last year, the injury fairy came along to burst our bubble. We now have our 64th starting quarterback in the last 20 years in rookie Kyle Orton, who is managing to look and play like a quarterback, unlike some of his more veteran predecessors. Head coach, Lovie Smith, has tweaked with the offensive line, and added more fire power to the back and receiving positions in the hopes that we will no longer have the worst offense in the league. So we go into this season the same way we go into most, with hope and faith that the Bears can make something good happen.


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