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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Air Candace

Tennessee freshman, Candace Parker did what no other woman has done in the game of basketball, she dunked the ball...TWICE! This was the first time a woman dunked in the NCAA tournament, and the first time a woman dunked twice in one game. These dunks were so significant to the game of basketball that ABC broke into an NBA game to show the clips.
Parker, and Illinois native, was making a few statements with her dunks today. She was forewarning basketball fans everywhere that the woman's game is about to launch into a new arena. She was reminding the pundits that Courtney Paris may not be the hands-down winner of the freshman of the year award. But mostly she was thumbing her nose to the NCAA selection committee for slapping her team in the face. With their dominating win today the Lady Vols made it loud and clear that they are not only a force to be reckoned with, but they are hardly a 2 seed.
Will there be more dunks to come in this tournament? Who knows, but I'm sure Candace Parker will keep basketball fans on the edges of their seats for years to come.

More on her dunks including clips can be seen here.


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