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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Get a grip people, it's a movie!

Round and round we go. I'm not blind to the fact that The Da Vinci Code is a contraversial book. In fact I enjoy it, and the questions and debates it spurs. The one teeny tiny provision I have on those debates is that they be based in logic and make sense.

The movie version of The Da Vinci Code is currently being filmed in Europe with such Hollywood heavyweights as Tom Hanks and Ron Howard. Like most fans of the book I'm anxiously awaiting the release of the film, and I am fully aware that the movie isn't going to be exactly like the book. For length purposes alone it'd be impossible to match the book page for page, but I am completely confident that Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman (the same men who brought us A Beautiful Mind) will stay true to Dan Brown's work. Unfortunately there are some people out there pressuring Sony Pictures and the filmakers to make the movie more Catholic friendly. According to an article in Sunday's New York Times there are people out there who wish to "Sprinkle Holy Water on The Da Vinci Code." Good god people, it's a movie!

Not only is it just a movie, it's a movie based on a book. What would be the point in spending millions of dollars to secure the rights for the best-selling book if you're going to completely change the plot. Granted most books turned movies are inaccurate to a point but the main plot usually remains. It makes absolutely no sense to ask, or pressure, a studio into changing the plot of a movie. If I were the studio I would be more concerned with the millions of Da Vinci Code readers. If you disappoint us there goes your shot at a Dan Brown franchise.

I've heard all the arguments and I understand that people think this book is sacriligious, but there are also a lot of people out there who've enjoyed the book and it's inspection of religion. Some are afraid that people will take this book too seriously and believe that everything Brown writes is fact. But you know what, how do we know that the Bible wasn't written by the 'Dan Brown' of that time?

It boils down to this...if you don't like what the movie has to say, don't go see it. If you didn't like horror movies, would you go see one? No. Just because you have a moral, or factual objection to a movie doesn't mean studios are going to stop making them. I've got moral objections to stupid movies with no plot and toilet humor, but that doesn't stop people from making Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.


  • At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Hope Collingworth said…

    "Good god people?" you say.

    Our creators name in vain.

    Shame be upon you!

    Tee hee.

  • At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Amanda Sylvers said…

    AMEN!, Sista Noel!

    You're right.

    It's a MOVIE!

    These higher than thou types really get to me.


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