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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I never did like him

Part of me hates to be a part of the Aniston/Pitt media frenzy, but I guess I'll get over it. While the Aniston/Pitt split has been in the media spotlight since the news broke in early January it's having a major upswing now with Jen's Vanity Fair interview hitting stands soon. Early on in all the hoopla I was feeling for both of them. But with Pretty Boy Brad's actions as of late, I'm not feeling so sorry for him anymore. Even if he's telling the truth and he didn't cheat on Jen, in the physical sense, I'm pretty sure he did emotionally. In any case they're just a couple of celebrities, no different from the thousands of other people who get divorced, and whatever did or didn't happen is really none of our business.

Here's an interesting preview from the Vanity Fair article. In response to the rumors that they separated because she didn't want to have kids yet Aniston retorts,

"A man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children. I've never in my life said I didn't want children. I did and I do and I will!"

You go Jen!


  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Wayne said…

    As I've always called him...


  • At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Amanda Sylvers said…

    Love it, Noel!


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