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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texas High School + SECOND Highest GPA = Valedictorian ?

Just when I think the education system can't dishearten me any further this happens. On June 7, 16 year old Anjali Datta will graduate from Grapevine High School with a GPA of 5.898. Not only is this the highest of all 471 Grapevine seniors, it is believed to be the highest GPA in the school's history. However Anjali will not be the Valedictorian, that honor, along with a one year college scholarship, will go to 18 year old Tyler Franklin. Tyler is no slouch with a GPA of 5.64, but still he is ranked second behind Anjali. So why the Valedictorian mix-up?

Apparently the school board policy states, "The Valedictorian shall be the eligible student with the highest weighted grade-point average for four years of high school." Anjali is graduating after only three years. So we're going to punish kids who graduate high school early? Sorry, Anjali you're just too smart to be the Valedictorian. How does this make any sense? Oh right, it's the education system, it's not supposed to make sense.

I hope the members of the school board can live with their decision to cheat this intelligent young woman of both her Valedictorian status and her scholarship.