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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tour de What?

As I'm sure you all know Lance Armstrong is vying for his 7th consecutive Tour de France victory, or the Maillot Jaune for you Tour aficionados. Unfortunately it doesn't always seem as if our news and sports anchors are aware of this. Is it possible to get more than a 10 second comment at the end of the sports segment, if it is mentioned at all. "Lance Armstrong once again retains his yellow jersey." How about a short clip of the race or a clip of his comments afterwards? Is that too much to ask? It is ridiculous that in a major city like Chicago that is the only air time he gets. Please don't crucify me because I am a big Cubs fan, but can't we cut 15-30 seconds from their game day low-lights and focus more on Lance and one of the most grueling athletic events in history. He is well on his way to an unprecedented 7th consecutive victory and he is getting more fan fare and air time in France than in his own country. Also, let us not forget that this is his last Tour and who knows when we'll see another victorious American rider again. The 2005 Tour de France ends this Sunday, let's kick it into high gear and give Lance and the Discovery Channel team the support and publicity they deserve!


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